Year 6 Camp – 2022

Hi Begbrook families! On this page, the Year 6 teachers will upload updates, information and pictures about how camp is going and what we have been up to 😊 Come back for regular updates!


20/6/22 @ 7 – And we are here! After a fun coach trip, we arrived and had a tour of the site and met some PGL people who will be supporting us all week. Going to our rooms was REALLY exciting!!! Once we were settled, we went for dinner and OH MY GOODNESS we were blown away! There were so many options plus a fresh selection of vegetables and other salad bits at the bar. It was great! We have now spent some time in our rooms, either reading, chatting or having fun with our friends before we go to our evening entertainment – a quiz!

We will write again soon, Year 6 x

21/6/22 @ 8:40 – We had an early start this morning! After breakfast, we had some time to get ready and then we had a room inspection where some of us got 4/5, some of us got 4.5/5 but one room hit a whopping 5/5!! We are now playing a quick game outside to wake ourselves up properly ready for a full day of activities: sports, raft building, zip wire and many more.

We wish all our families a good Tuesday and will write again soon! Year 6 x


It was Stan’s birthday yesterday so everyone sang happy birthday! He also got a voucher from PGL to skip the dinner queue or the queue for any activities. Happy Birthday Stan!

21/6/22 @ 20:12 WHAT A DAY! A full day of fun in the sun! There has been raft building, rock climbing, sensory trails and more! All the teachers keep saying how proud they are and that we are all glowing with gem powers.

We are all having a great time! Excited for another fun packed day tomorrow 😊

Year 6 x

22/6/22 @ 8:50 – Ready for the day ahead! 😊

22/6/22 @ 19:08 – photo dump of the day! Jacob’s latter was really scary but we were all really brave and it was so much fun! The raft building was great for such a warm day. Don’t worry, our teachers keep nagging us about sun cream!

Year 6 x

22/6/22 Surprise visit from Mrs Hine!! Mrs Hine used her grit power to get to the top of Jacob’s ladder too!

23/6/22 @ 19:50 – camp fire for our last night! Pictures of today to come soon 😊

General information and questions

General information:

Address: PGL Liddington, Foxhill, Liddington, SN40DZ

Monday 20th leaving time: between 1:30-2pm

Friday 24th arrival back at school time: between 3-3:30pm

Begbrook adults attending camp –

Miss Fidler, Miss Badman, Miss Wilsher, Miss Harker (all week)

Miss Rhiannon (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) then Miss Flemming (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

Miss Basham (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) then Miss Sutton (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)


Who is managing medication? – Miss Rhiannon and Miss Badman

What if I need to pass a message onto my child/the Year 6 team? – Contact Begbrook main reception and they will get in contact with a member of Begbrook staff on camp

What time will my child wake up/go to sleep? – Wake up times will be made clearer once we are made aware of our breakfast time on the PGL schedule (which we will receive upon arrival).

Our evening activity/entertainment runs from 8-9pm. After this, we will begin bedtime routines with all children in their own rooms, in bed, by 9:30 for 9:45 lights out.

How will you be sure all children are sleeping, allowing others to sleep, are being safe at night and can get help if they need it? – PGL staff monitor the site at all times, including at night. As well as this, Begbrook staff will stay in the corridor at night, checking on all the children and listening to ensure all are going to sleep, until we are confident all children are sleeping. Begbrook adults also have bedrooms between the children’s rooms that will be clearly labelled if a child needs an adult at night.

What if my child is hurt? – All PGL instructors are first aid trained as well as Miss Fidler, Miss Rhiannon and Miss Basham.

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